How use Dead Simple Screen Sharing Slack app

Step 1: Install Slack App

Add to Slack

Press the above button to add the app to slack

Step 2: Create meeting

In slack just type /screenshare to create a meeting.

You will get the message as shown in the image, you can visit the Presenter join url to share your screen.

Share the participant join url with the your team members, when they visit that URL they can view your screen.

Step 3: Done!

In the above screen shot as you can see: You can invite participants by writing their email and pressing the invite button or you can copy the meeting url and send it to them via text message or any means you prefer. When the participants click on the invite link they will join the meeting. You can see the participants that have joined the meeting on the box on the right side. You can also do audio conferencing by clicking the unmute mic button and record the meeting by clicking on the record meeting button. You can end the meeting by clicking the end meeting button or closing the pop-up window.

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