Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Hi, We are Ali and Mohammed founders of Dead Simple Screen Sharing. When we started we found out that screen sharing solutions were difficult to use, clunky, had bad UI and overall software product just didn't work as well as you expected it to. You needed to be a nerd just to set it working. You need to know what operating system you are on, what operating system your attendees had, install clunky software that would slow your device down and fill out forms after forms and make your attendees fill forms argh. We sat out to build something that is so easy to use that absolutely anyone could use it just out of the box. Work every time and had the best quality that there is. We aptly named our software Dead Simple.

Ali Asgher Lakkadshaw.

Ali handles the marketing and operations at Dead Simple Screen Sharing. He sees to it that everything is running smoothly and maintains the relationship with key clients and resource partners. He also sees to it the Dead Simple is growing even greater heights each day.

No Need to Install Software
Free Audio Conferencing

Mohammed Lakkadshaw

Mohammed Lakkadshaw handles engineering. Implementing new features, Technical architecture design, implementing research driving User Experiences and interacting with enterprise clients all come under the foray of Mohammed. Mohammed likes to live on the cutting-edge of technology, he also likes to play video games and tinkering with IoT devices.