Join Meetings from your iPhone.

With Dead Simple Screen Sharing, you can conduct or be in meeting right from your iPhone or iPad. Screen share, as well as audio conference both, work seamlessly on mobile devices. and with Dedicated apps, mobile meetings are easier than ever.

android screen share

iphone screen share

Have it your way with android devices

With Android devices share screen and conduct meetings right from your chrome browser. You can also download Android apps from the play store.

Use of Mobile Screen Share:

Global Teams

You have a global team, many times people might not be near their computers while they conduct meetings, they might not be at home or office. In today's era of teams increasingly going remote, it is imperative to have a global outlook and here is where Dead Simple Screen Sharing apps come into play. Apps for iOS and Android so that you can conduct meetings from where ever and when ever.

Global customers

In today's world of global commerce, your customers might be in another part of the world. While you might not be near a computer all the time, it is imperative to conduct meetings or sales presentation while the customer is available. Certainly, delay in a sales presentation might well cost you a valuable customer. Now with Dead Simple Screen sharing Mobile Apps, you can conduct sales meetings and presentations through screen share and audio conferencing solutions.

While Travelling, During Emergencies

You might be commuting or Travelling somewhere and you want to have a meeting with your team mates or employees. Now you can easily do that with Dead Simple Screen Sharing solution. They can even share you their entire screen or part thereof and you can make mission critical decisions then and there, saving you precious time and money. You can also easily have everyone on board if there is an emergency no matter where they are can easily join the meeting using their mobile devices and save the day.