Screen Sharing

Dead Simple uses state of the art technologies to give to the best screen sharing experience possible. With Dead Simple you get screen sharing that looks natural and with smooth rendering that looks great on any device whether it is desktop, laptop tablet or mobile devices. Dead Simple Screen Sharing is Free and always will be.
DeadSimple works across devices and Operating systems MacOS Windows Linux iOS iPhone iPad Android Phones and Tablets.

No Need to Install any Software.

With DeadSImple your viewers do not need to install any software on their system. Whether it is a computer or Mobile devices. Just ask your viewer to go to the link and start viewing. This is awesome as everything just works out of the browser.

No Need to Install SOftware
Free Audio Conferencing

Free HD Audio Conferencing

You can do HD audio conference with Dead Simple Screen Sharing. Just join a meeting and unmute the mike to start talking. Voice quality will be crystal clear and it will be like everyone's in the same room.
You can have unlimited participants in the free plan.


With Dead Simple screen sharing you can record your screen sharing and audio conferencing sessions and you can also easily share it with any one you like via a simple download link.
And with 50 Gb of storage available at your disposal for your recorded sessions, you will never be short of space.

schedule a online meeting.

Schedule a Online Meeting/ Webinar.

With Dead Simple Screen Sharing schedulig a meeting is as easy as 123. Just use the Dead Simple Screen Sharing scheduler to set a time and date and a link will automatically be send to your attendees. And with features like waiting rooms and ability to kick off attrendies from meetings will certainly blow your mind away.

Works on Mobile Devices.

Dead Simple Screen Sharing works on all Mobile devices be it iOS iPhone/iPad or Android phones and tablets.

Web Api Integrate into your website or app

Get it on Lock Down

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